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Chris Christensen Ionic Brass Boar Brush with Handle

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These Ionic brass and boar brushes from Chris Christensen are made for short-coated breeds and hand-stripped wire coated breeds. A definite for Terrier Breeds!

  • Durable, lightweight Beech wood with an ultra fine finish
  • Solid Brass inner bristles distribute natural oils
  • Outer row of Boar bristles smooth the hair
  • Cleans dander and foreign matter from the dogs coat with less strokes
  • Made in Germany
  • Brass/Boar Finishing Brush
  • 8 1/2" Body (Large)
  • 7" Body (Small)
  • Positive Ionic Charge Pulls Debris and Dander From the Coat
  • Brass Bristles Create a Healthier Coat
  • Finishing Brush for All Coat Types
  • 100% Static Free